Food insecurity will soon be phased out in Kitui

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) has signed a pact with the Kitui County government under which the global organisation is going to help the county deal with food insecurity.

Making the announcement, Kitui County Governor, Dr Julius Makau Malombe, said that they are undertaking a range of measures towards tackling food problems through irrigation farming.

Malombe said, as a county government, they are going to construct many dams together and at the same time drill boreholes in the entire county for holding enough water for irrigation farming. Malombe was speaking to the county’s residents during a good governance, peace and social cohesion consultative meeting between him and a women’s group known as the Kitui County Atumia ma Thome Forum held at the Kitui Show Grounds where he was the chief guest.

Malombe highly thanked the Kitui Atumia ma Thome Forum for working closely with the county government for the good of their people. Malombe described the aged as very important segment of the society “because they have wisdom”.

“The elderly have some things that they do and that they can do and that are not done and cannot be done by young people,” said Malombe. Development

Since 2013, Kitui County government has managed 3,924 projects with an average of 98 projects in each of the all 40 wards.

Malombe said the county government is in partnership with the South Eastern Kenya University to construct a total of 2,400 sub-surface sand dams in the county.

“This is an average of 60 sub-surface sand dams in each of our county’s 40 wards,” Malombe said.

He observed that Kitui is among the leading counties in Kenya that have formulated and are implementing the comprehensive County Water Accessibility Programmes (CWAP).

The Kitui County’s County Water Accessibility Programmes covers partnerships and initiatives involving drilling and equipping of the boreholes, pipeline extensions, construction of new dams, desilting of colonial government’s dams in the county, construction of on-farm ponds, roof water harvesting technical assistance, supply of water tanks to the public institutions such as schools, health centres and cattle dips.
Malombe announced that the Kwa Vonza market in Kwa Vonza Location in Lower Yatta District of Kitui County is one of the seven towns in Kenya that is being developed by the Symbiocity Organisation of Sweden.

The Symbiocity is a Swedish government’s initiative that promotes international development cooperation using the ‘Symbiocity Approach’ to support cities in developing countries to plan and develop sustainably by identifying inclusive and innovative solutions.

The other beneficiary counties in Kenya from the Symbiocity are Meru, Nakuru, Kisumu, Trans Nzoia, Kakamega and Homa Bay.

“As Kitui County leaders, we have identified with Kwa Vonza market because it is the fastest growing town in the county,” said Malombe.

“The construction of the Kitui County Stadium by my government will be complete by the end of September 2016,” the governor announced.

He said that upon completion of the work, they will be holding county functions at the stadium and not at the Kitui Show Grounds.


Malombe also announced that they have already constructed a total of 501 early childhood education development centres in the county and are on the process of constructing another 200. As he detailed the development projects that the county government has carried out so far, Malombe announced that they have constructed many drifts in the county. In addition they have managed to connect many local schools and market centres with electricity.

On politics, Malombe asked the Kitui County people to elect good leaders during the Kenya’s 2017 General Election.

“We the people of Kitui County are not fools to elect bad leaders in our county,” he said.

The function was also addressed by the Atumia ma Thome Kenya Chairman Bishop Michael Musili, Atumia ma Thome Kitui County Chairman Boniface Kameta Manzi and former Kitui East Member of Parliament Hezekiel Mwikya Mweu among others.

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