Mentorship programme to save the boy-child in Nakuru County  

Nakuru County Woman Representative Liza Chelule in her office briefly after launching a boy-child mentorship program .Picture:Ben Ali
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Schoolboys in Nakuru County have a good reason to excel in their studies this year.

This is after the Nakuru County Woman Representative Liza Chelule launched a Boy-Child Mentorship Programme that would fill the gap left by most Non-Governmental Organisations and government programmes that have mainly focused on the girl-child.

Chelule said the trend has demoralised and made the boy-child prone to child labour, lack of self-esteem and sexual assault among other social ills.

“Due to negligence by the society, some of the boys have turned to drugs and alcohol abuse as well as crime for consolation,” Chelule lamented.

Under the Kenya Constitution Article 100, women are recognised as marginalised groups hence the position of a Women Representative (also called Member of Parliament) who are supposed to promote their interests and of the girls.

Article 27 (6) stipulates that, to give full effect to the realisation of the rights guaranteed under this Article, the State shall take legislative and other measures, including affirmative action programmes and policies designed to redress any disadvantage suffered by individuals or groups because of past discrimination.

“Some of our roles are coming up with legislation that favours and suits women and girls within our counties and countrywide but it is wrong to empower one sex at the expense of another,” said Chelule.

She noted that it is unconstitutional for a popularly leader elected to only concentrate on one gender citing that the constitution under Article 95 which clearly stipulates their mandate.

“We were elected by registered voters who include the youth and adults from both genders hence when implementing our mandate they should be our priority,” she noted.

The Nakuru Boy-Child Mentorship Programme was started in December and has benefited over 250 boys who will go through mentorship, training and counselling from experts.

“Boys should be allowed to speak out when faced with challenges but our society condemns them if they do so branding them cowards and weak. Rather than be shunned for speaking out boys should stand up for their rights and deal with it,” Chelule advised.

She noted that the intervention was meant to save the young generation.

“Girls have been the weaker sex for ages but as they get stronger we must remember to also care for the boy,” she added.

Chelule called on fellow Women County MPs to come to the rescue of boys saying they were just as vulnerable as the girl-child.

Due to this, Chelule noted, most urban centres are flooded with street children, mostly boys who have run away from home due to domestic quarrels and negligence.

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