Shock as man accused of 30 defilement cases

Thomas Musabire 45 years-year-old Boda Boda rider/ night guard in a Nakuru court where he is facing charges of drugging and molesting twenty-two boys and eight girls in his house and later threatening them not to disclose the ordeal to anyone.Photos by Ben Ali
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With busy working lives and hectic schedules, most parents are increasingly running out of time to take their children to and back from school hence obligating boda boda operators the responsibility.

Though to many is cheap and easy way, most parents are paying heavily after the trusted boda boda operators turn sexual molester of their beloved children.

Parents of Lenana Primary school in Nakuru Town are living with guilt conscious after a boda boda operator they entrusted defiled over 30 pupils before introducing them into child prostitution.

Thomas Musabire a boda operator was entrusted pupils by parents to drop and pick their children from school but pupils’ ordeal in his hand were ear piercing to them.

A parent described that, her class five pupil had been expressing weird characters of rudeness, poor school performance, memory loss and lateness from school.

She also narrated that, his son would usually arrives late with bananas, sugarcane and but could not explain where he got them.

“After being harsh on him, he opened up and it his statements were unbelievable. He told me that, Musabire had been luring them into his movie shop to watch pornographic material before molesting them.” She said.

With this shocking revelation, the mother took the initiative to report to the school management but the drama was unfolding fast and furious.

“I met other parents complaining about their daughters weird behaviours. When the pupils were summoned and interrogated by the head teacher, they repeated what my son told me.” She added.

Lenana Primary Head Teacher Maximilla Kilwake with the damning testimonies from the pupils, she called for an impromptu parents meeting.

During the meeting, more details emerged that Musabire was known to many parents.

The suspect who owned a movie shop few metres from the school would lure pupils to watch pornographic movies and later force them to perform sex with a retarded woman in the house.

It was this point the school management engaged police and officers from children department leading to the arrest of the suspect.

Currently, the suspect is remanded at Nakuru GK Prison and is facing 30 counts of child prostitution, defilement and promoting child pornography contrary to the law.

This is after the prosecution side amended the charges from 18 counts saying the number of victims who claimed to have been assaulted had increased after the matter was reported.

Before Principal magistrate Joe Omido, Musabire is charged that on diverse dates in December 2015 and March 2017 at his house in Railways estate within Nakuru county, willingly showed pornographic materials to pupils contrary to the law.

He is accused of drugging and molesting twenty-two boys and eight girls in his house and later threatening them not

Thomas Musabire a bodaboda operator who is accused of using children for pornographic videos and prostitution. Picture:Ben Ali

Thomas Musabire a bodaboda operator who is accused of using children for pornographic videos and prostitution. Picture:Ben Ali

to disclose the ordeal to anyone.

There is fear he might have infected some with HIV.

Medical report for the accused that was to be tested for HIV was however not revealed in court as the police said they have to complete the investigations on the same and could prefer more charges if any minor had been infected.

The prosecution opposed the suspect demand to be released on bond over possibility of him being attacked by angry members of the public.

“It is the duty of the court and the state to protect any life therefore bond for accused is denied for his own safety and possible interference of witnesses if released, he is to remain in custody until the next hearing,” Ruled Omido.

In an application before court, prosecutor Sandra Kosgey had urged the court to deny bond for accused saying that some family members of the affected victims had demonstrated even to the police station demanding the accused be released so that they can lynch him.

According to her, if the accused is released on bond he will not even reach his home since some of the parents were closely monitoring the proceedings of the case and others had even camped at his house at railways area waiting for his release.

“The environment is very hostile for the accused to be released, some of the parents have sworn to lynch the accused but in the interest of a fair justice we urged that he be remanded until things cool down,” Said Sandra.

Musabire is said to have lured the minors at his house by giving them gifts and after watching the pornographic materials, he would order them to practice what they had seen on a mentally-ill middle-aged woman, who visited the house daily.

The accused who is a father of five was arrested on May 17 by police officers who acted on a tip off from a concerned parent who raised alarm about the heinous act.

According to police, the accused who is said to be a bodaboda operator as well as a night guard encouraged young children from two primary schools within the county to engage in the sexual acts by showing them the films.

However appearing in court, Musabire denied the charges and sought to be released on bond, he accused the prosecution of dictating his life by objecting bond for his own security adding that he will be protected by God if released.

“The prosecution side is blocking me from being released by saying that I will be attacked, I am protected by God and no harm will prevail against me,” he said.

Lenana Parent Teachers Association Chairman (PTA) Angrey Amani, called upon parents to be vigilant and careful with those they entrust their children.

“The suspect is a threat and danger to school going children and should rot in jail.” He said.

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