December 2016

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Women and girls’ lives matter

Nearly half a million abortions, majority of them unsafe, are induced each year resulting in life threatening complications, and in many instances, death. Writes Joyce Chimbi

The improved children's TB formulations come in the correct doses for children, are fruit-flavoured and dissolve in water, making them easier for children to take. Picture:Courtesy 0

Kenya rolls out child friendly TB medicines

More children in Kenya are likely to survive tuberculosis (TB), the leading infectious killer disease, after Kenya introduced new child-friendly medicines. Kenya is the first country in the world to do so. This is...

Kenya is widely regarded as sub-Saharan Africa’s HIV prevention success story. Annual HIV infections are less than a third of what they were at the peak of the country’s epidemic in 1993.Illustration: Courtesy 0

Synopsis of facts on HIV and AIDS in Kenya

According to UNAids, as of 2015 there were 1.5 million people living with HIV in Kenya. The adult HIV prevalence stood at 5.9 per cent; while there were 78,000 new infections reported in the...

WOFAK youth leaders marching in Mombasa, Kenya, on a past  World AIDS Day .The rising number of new HIV infections among adolescents and youths is worrying.Picture: Courtesy 0

Addressing young people and HIV/AIDS

According to Kenya Demographic Health Survey 2014 young people, primarily adolescents, constitute 16 percent of those living with HIV and AIDS. This further shows that about 500,000 young people are living with the virus....

Didacus Pius Odhiambo, discussing issues around prevention of HIV and living positively at a public event in Butula Sub-County, Busia County.Picture:Nyakwar Odawo 0

HIV positive man remains a model of excellence

In an effort to bring the high HIV and Aids prevalence level in the country under control, the government in collaboration with the National Aids Control Council (NACC) and other civil society organizations have...